InstructionKT is all about teaching people to farm in simple practical ways so that farmers can have more then just a subsistent living but a decent profitable farm.  A farm that provides for his or her whole family and the needs they have.  A farm that allows them to get ahead in life, and not just eke by to the next season.

The first president of Tanzania (Julius Kambarage Nyerere) once said, “[A] man is developing himself when he grows, or earns, enough to provide decent conditions for himself and his family; he is not being developed if someone gives him these things.” Uhuru na Maendeleo (Freedom and Development), 1973. At KT we are putting that into practice.

Kilimo Timilifu is a young Non-Profit company locally registered in Tanzania.  On a small scale we have tested these principles and have demonstrated that conservation agriculture, depending only on rainfall, and with simple hand tools, can produce a much better life for the small-scale farmer.  The difficulty is convincing local farmers to make this switch when their entire lively hoods are dependent on their meager subsistence from the farm.

Kilimo Timilifu will bears the risk of change for the farmer by offering a no-cost, risk-free internship.  Kilimo Timilifu will provide modest housing and a stipend for up to 12 intern families (potential expanding in the future) for a full season of Conservation Agricultural training. Interns will farm a portion of land equivalent to their need (family size) under the direction of qualified conservation agriculturalists for one full season.  From the proceeds, the housing, stipend, seed and other costs will be subtracted, and the remaining profit will be given to the intern family, demonstrating by his/her own hands the profitability of Conservation Agriculture farming.

Kilimo Timilifu’s internship will incorporate Conservation Agriculture, Appropriate Technology, Farming Cooperatives and crop marketing.  Successful completion of the internship will also earn the intern a certificate as a “Conservation Agriculture Trainer”. Not only will interns lives be changed, but they are empowered to change others.

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