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Kilimo Timilifu is located in the Village of Mchinga, in the Lindi Region of Tanzania along the Southern coast.

Click here to see a Google Earth picture of KT’s existing 59 acres (blue) and service road (yellow).

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Mchinga village is ideally suited for our goal of empowering the south coastal regions of Tanzania with Conservation Agriculture and Appropriate Technology skills.  The fact that this area is in a rain fall area of less than 1,000 mm per year and almost all of that comes in the months between March and May, gives this location the unique challenge of needing Conservation Agriculture techniques in order to be a successful farmer.  Therefore interns who come to our farm and study for the one year internship will be trained in such an environment that when they leave, wherever they go along the southern coastal regions of Tanzania they will not likely encounter a more harsh farming environment.  This gives them a distinct farming advantage.

Furthermore Mchinga village is located near the B2 highway running from Dar es Salaam all they way south to Mtwara town.  This provides ample public transport options for our interns making our location easy to access by the Tanzanians we serve.