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Meet the Team

Tim & Emily Tanner

Tanner TE
Tim Tanner is the Director of KT.  Emily is the Education Coordinator for KT.  Tim has a degree in Computer Science, and certificates in Conservation Agriculture and Appropriate Technologies.  Tim was born in and grew up in Tanzania and has worked in East Africa for 20+ years in various capacities.  Emily has a degree in Elementary Education and has 15+ years in East Africa also in various capacities.

Edwin & Mary Fussi

Fussi, EM
Edwin Fussi is a Member of KT as well as the Intern Coordinator for KT.  He is a self made successful business man and a self-supported pastor under the Kanisa la Biblia Tanzania.  He has worked in many areas helping people with small-scale business development and is currently working and living in the Lindi Rural district, of the Lindi Region of Tanzania.  Since 2005 Edwin has also been the director of The Sheepfold Ministries in Tanzania. 

Daniel Nungwana

Daniel Nungwana
Daniel Nungwana is a Member of KT.  He is a retired Africa Inland Church Tanzania (AICT) Arch Bishop as well as retired Bishop of the Mwanza Dioceses.  In his retirement from the AICT, he has begun a new work called “Last Hour Ministries”.

Mwassa Jingi

Jingi, Mwassa03
Mwassa Jingi is a Member of KT.  He is a retired lawyer and author. Currently he is an independent journalist for The Citizen news paper of Tanzania. He is also a partner to Disciple Nations Alliance, and the Director of “National Integrity for Advancement” (NGO). 

 Joel and Lauren Wildasin

Wildasin, JL 
Joel Wildasin is the KT’s Farm Managers. He holds a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Eastern University. Previously, Joel worked as Director of Agriculture at Mavuno Village in Mwanza, Tanzania, and as Assistant Farm Manager at ECHO. Lauren has a degree in Camping, Recreation, and Outdoor Ministry from Eastern Mennonite University.

Joel Philimoni

Pilimoni, Joel
Joel is KT’s Property supervisor Manager.  He has his technical training from VETA.  He is working along side our Operations Officer and helps with contractors and keeping track of human relations and many other office responsibilities.  Joel is a valuable asset to KT.

Ernesti Ndosi

Ndosi, Ernesti
Ernesti is KT’s Building supervisor Manager.  He has lots of practical experiences from his previous job at TSI Inc. He is also working along side our Operations Officer and helps manage building projects and project developments for KT.  Ernesti is a valuable new asset to KT.

Justian Ezikiel

Justina is a Farm Supervisor and manages the day labors on the KT farm.  Justina is a certified Nile Development & Services Co Ltd Trainee.  Justina has is a joy to have on the team.

Amani Shango

Picture to be uploaded soon!
Amani Shango is KT’s Education Supervisor and Office Manager.  He is a certified Teacher form the Ebonite Teachers training College in Dar es Salaam.  He has been through a two year discipleship training and loves to share his faith as part of his work.  He is in charge of tutoring the intern children and also training intern parents in how to supplement their children’s education at home.  Additionally he is quite handy on the computer and is a big help in the office.

Robert Patrick

Robert is a Farm Supervisor for KT.  He has a 3 year diploma from Ilemi Polytechnic College in Tukuyu, Tanzania.  He is currently helping KT develop our sunflower processing industry.  He is a valuable asset to our team.