Kilimo Timilifu (KT) is a young organization and we are still working towards self-sufficiency. The best way to get involved in this early stage of KT’s life is to help with the development process by giving financially to KT’s immediate budget needs. To get a list of our Phase One budget, just contact us and ask.  To give please select from the tabs below according to the country from which you would like to make your donation.

To see a list of our current partners click here!

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Kilimo Timilifu is accepting donations in this early stage of developing this project.  We have partner non-profit organizations in many parts of the world who are accepting and receipting donations to this project.  It is KT’s goal that by the end of the 5th fiscal year once planting begins, KT would be self-supporting, just as we are teaching the interns to become.  Please consider how you might help get this project to a self-supporting state by giving through one of our partner organizations.

We appreciate your donation which is empowering Tanzanians to develop Tanzania through small-scale farming.