Current Projects

Internship Program Startup

In October 2017 Kilimo Timilifu (KT) took on our first field test intern. This fellow was an acting intern in order to help us develop the program with a Tanzanian perspective & get a feel for some of the obstacles that we would encounter while running the internship program. We now feel like we have … Continue reading Internship Program Startup

Chicks for KT

Something to “Brood” over at Thanksgiving & Christmas!  Join KT in serving our neighbors by giving a gift during this holiday season that will impact Tanzanian lives all year long and for years to come! … KT will receive Tanzanian interns who, after completion of their internship, are sent as self-supporting Conservation Agriculture Trainers to … Continue reading Chicks for KT

Electrical Installation

High Tension lines and Transformer Installation and two building electrical hookups. KT’s oil mill facility has been built, oil mill, filters and seed cleaner have been purchased. 10 ton of sunflower seed is waiting for processing in our new oil seed warehouse. However these machines need electricity. While one day we would love to have … Continue reading Electrical Installation

Solar Water Pumping

In 2017 Kilimo Timilifu (KT) was able to put in a hand dug well, pump and pipe line to the farm. This well has been a great blessing to help with our water needs on the farm, both for domestic needs and also for building needs. Additionally it supplies water to the village secondary school. … Continue reading Solar Water Pumping

Two Staff Homes

Since 2015 Kilimo Timilifu (KT) Admin and Supervisory Staff have been living in rented village homes. These homes have costly upkeeps and rising rent prices. Money could be saved in the long run if KT could build houses for its staff on KT property. Cost per house $27,000 USD. While the need is for 5 … Continue reading Two Staff Homes

Motorcycle Project

Our Agricultural Extension program is far reaching into many villages. Nearly all of these villages are beyond walking distance for our two trainers. Kilimo Timilifu (KT) would like to purchase of a 150cc motorcycle to alleviate the travel expenses of hiring drives and motorcycles to transport our trainers. Total cost is $2,730 USD for a … Continue reading Motorcycle Project

Truck Project

Our Agricultural Extension program is far reaching into many villages. Nearly all of these villages are beyond walking distance of local famers carry their crops. In order to expand our reach to help local farmers in these far villages, Kilimo Timilifu (KT) would like to purchase its own 2 ton Mitsubishi Canter truck to alleviate … Continue reading Truck Project

Primary School Project

Our local primary school has been in a state of crisis for a long time. Five class rooms for seven grades. Kilimo Timilifu (KT) has taken on the project of building two more class rooms to make a total of seven classrooms. The cost of building these two class rooms were $11,930 USD. KT was … Continue reading Primary School Project