Sustainable Chicken Business for Locals & Interns

At KT we have raised up our own parent stock from improved local verity chickens.  Parent stock breeding selections was completed in September 2019.  In late December 2019 we hatched our first trial chicks from our new parent stock. 720 healthy chicks!

Our goal is to provide a sustainable poultry (meat & eggs) business to our interns and to every villager in our surrounding area as far and wide as we can grow.  KT will provide chicks, feed and expertise to locals, helping them have a poultry business as big or small as they feel they can handle.  Most importantly, KT provides a market to the villages for the full grown meat birds and eggs that they can’t or use on their own which provides good income.

To pull this off, KT is still needing some capital development to complete the Slaughterhouse, Chicken Breeding/Growing Center and Feed Mill.

Join KT in serving our neighbors by giving a gift that will sustainably impact Tanzanian lives for years to come!

KT is so excited about this agribusiness for sharing the love of Christ which has so much potential to empower our neighbors to elevate themselves out of extreme poverty as well as moving KT toward our sustainability goal!

As of January-2020 our needs are:

42% remaining to finish (phase 1) of the slaughterhouse = $9,600 USD
2 large deep freezers $1,740 each = $3,480 USD
Hatchery Cabinet machine = $1,650 USD
Finish the Chicken Breeding Coop = $9,500 USD
2 more grow-out coops (Phase 1) holding 3,500 chickens $14,000 each = $28,000 USD
100% remaining to finish the Chicken Feed Mill = $43,000 USD

To designate your gift via Grace Bible Church (GBC), our USA Fiscal Partner, select Fund Kilimo Timilifu and add Chickens to the comment.

To designate your gift via Millennium Relief and Development Service (MRDS) Canada, our Canadian Fiscal Partner, enter project designation KTTanzania.001-Chickens

If you want a tax deductible receipt from another country please contact us for options.

Your support is empowering Tanzanians to lift themselves out of poverty.