Chicks for KT

Something to “Brood” over at Thanksgiving & Christmas! 

Join KT in serving our neighbors by giving a gift during this holiday season that will impact Tanzanian lives all year long and for years to come! …

KT will receive Tanzanian interns who, after completion of their internship, are sent as self-supporting Conservation Agriculture Trainers to serve coastal communities in the love of Christ. One of the agribusinesses KT interns are equipped for is chicken farming. You can be a part of this by sponsoring chicks for KT!

$20 will SPONSOR a BROOD of a half dozen chicks for a KT intern to raise!  This sponsorship covers training, feed, vaccinations, and vitamin supplements to full growth weight for the chicks.

Profits from the sale of the chickens will go toward the Tanzanian intern’s post internship sustainable business startup and the sustainability of KT.

In the name of a loved one you can DONATE a BROOD of CHICKS or MORE for a KT intern to raise! KT will send a handmade Tanzanian card informing them of the gift given in their honor. (From the USA, just add their name and address in the Additional Comments section on the giving page.  From other countries contact us with their name and address).

Any contributions to this project that exceed the intern year’s budget will be used to expand our chicken farm for greater impact.

KT is excited to introduce yet another agribusiness for sharing the love of Christ as we help our neighbors elevate themselves out of extreme poverty and work toward our sustainability goal!

You will receive a tax deductible receipt from MRDS, KT’s charitable partner in the USA and Canada. To Donate in Canada please use project code “KTTanzania.003-Chicks”. To donate in another country, please contact us for options. We have options!

Your support is empowering Tanzanians to lift themselves out of poverty.