Internship Program

Kilimo Timilifu (KT) just graduated the first two intern families that were here this past year.  The first year went very well and we are excited to start another round of interns in November 2019 and going through September 2020.  We expect to improve the program significantly from lessons learned in the first year.

Our funding was very low last year and we had to cover many costs out of our operational budget.  This put a big strain on growth in our business areas.

KT’s internship program will be self-funded soon.  Living expenses will come from work interns will do on the farm and class expenses from business income.  However, until them, we need sponsorship to have these intern families in the program.

We are committed to have two interns families in our program this term.  KT is trying to raise $500 USD monthly per intern family, or $5,500 USD for the year for one intern family.

This includes:

  • Housing costs for intern families while at KT
    • A rented home in the local village
  • Modular teachers for various courses
    • Travel, lodging, materials, stipend.
  • Training materials (books, workbooks, materials, etc.)
  • Stipend for interns until productivity is sustainable
  • Departing gift for startup after the internship program

Grace Bible Church (GBC) is KT’s charitable partner in the USA. Add comment “Internship” to designate your gift.

MRDS is KT’s charitable partner in Canada, please use project code “KTTanzania.001-Internship“.

If you want to donate in another country, please contact us for options. We have options!

Your support is empowering Tanzanians to lift themselves out of poverty.