Oil Milling Business Capacity Building

As a non-profit business, we are working toward covering all of the overhead costs of our internship and extension programs through our oil pressing business.  We are excited to be in our very first season of this business, as we work toward partnering with local farmers who grow out sunflower seed and then sell it back to us for a fair market value. We have already built our milling (processing) plant, purchased the seed cleaner, milling machine, filtration system and we have purchased over 13 ton of sunflower seed from our cooperated farmers in this first year. We are very close to completing the fund raising for the Electrical Installation so we can actually start processing.

Now we are looking for assistance to expand our capacity for this coming farming session. Farmers who cooperatively grew sunflower for KT last year when home very happy after selling their harvest to KT. Those who were skeptical last year are now all excited for this coming season. We are anticipating as much as a 770% increase in this next year. In other words we would like to be able to help as much as 400+ farmers next year to be able to earn an income in sunflower farmers that they have never had available before. To expand this fast, we need your help.

There are a number of costs involved:

  • Tanzania Food & Drug Administration (TFDA) certification
  • Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) certification
  • Operational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) certification
  • Labeling and Bottling costs
  • Operator & Nutrition Specialist salaries
  • Product transport costs (from farmer & to market)
  • Purchasing power for 2019 sunflower harvest
  • Warehouse expansion

KT is trying to raising $95,000 USD to cover all of the above costs. While this is a large number, this business will be a profit making operation from this point forward. Ever year helping more and more farmers earn a decent living. Every year helping to cover costs of our internship program and Agricultural extension programs. Sustainability is the goal of KT and the goal we have for every small-scale farmer.

Consider being a part of this capacity building.

MRDS is KT’s charitable partner in both the USA and Canada, and from where you will receive your tax deductible receipt. To donate in the USA add the comment “Oil Mill Capacity Building”. To donated in Canada please use project code “KTTanzania.001-Oil Mill Capacity Building” If you want to donate in another country, please contact us for options. We have options!

Your support is empowering Tanzanians to lift themselves out of poverty.