Internship Program

Kilimo Timilifu’s Agricultural internship program is a muiti-faceted one year training program. The Internship will incorporate training in Conservation Agriculture (CA), Appropriate Technology, Farming Cooperatives, Biblical principles of life and cross cultural discipleship skills. Additionally, KT will train these Tanzanian families in “homeschooling” skills so they can supplement their children’s local school education in order to assure they receive a quality education wherever they serve. KT interns will live in the surrounding community and apply immediately what they are learning. Upon completion of the internship, these interns will be certified as KT Conservation Agriculture Trainers. The interns will be empowered to provide for themselves and enter these traditionally closed coastal areas with a role that can bridge traditional barriers, combat poverty, and create opportunities to effectively empower others. The result will be neighbor-loving Tanzanians living self-supported as they use their skill as CA farmers and trainers to impact the community around them where ever they end up living.